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COVID-19 Operational Status - TMS is working remotely. An appointment is required to pick up Citi Hotel/Conference and Student Group cards.

Domestic Travel Guidelines in response to COVID-19

  • Air travel, hotel reservations, and car rentals for domestic travel are no longer required to be made using the UT Contracted travel agencies or Concur, unless required by your department.
  • However, TMS recommends that travelers book through a travel agent or Concur to take advantage of the many benefits a professional travel agency can provide
  • Domestic travel for business or study no longer requires exceptions by deans or vice presidents.
  • Per the Handbook of Business Procedures, a created and approved RTA (Request for Travel Authorization) is still required.
  • All travel, regardless of booking method, should still be the best value for university funds. Travelers using online tools other than Concur should include the following statement on their purchase invoice submitted to the Accounting and Financial Management for reimbursement: Online selection is the best value as consistent with institutional priorities.
  • A rental car is recommended for use with business-related travel. If you drive a personal vehicle, the vehicle owner - NOT THE UNIVERSITY - is liable for any injury or damage to your person, car, and any injury or damage to other vehicles, property, or persons outside your vehicle which may occur as a result of an accident. For rental car options which include the insurance coverages:

Domestic travel questions:

International Travel Guidelines in response to COVID-19

For international travel guidance related to COVID-19, travel processing guidelines, and recommendations for what travelers should do after travel, visit the Protect Texas Together Travel web page and the Texas Global website.

International travel questions: