Travel Profiles

Individuals must have a travel profile on record in order to book travel. The travel profile tells the Travel Agency and Concur that you are eligible to travel. It securely maintains your personal travel data for a seamless booking experience. All travel profiles are created and maintained in Concur.

Travel Arrangers should also have a travel profile. This will allow travel arrangers to book travel for other travelers including guests, consultants, students and speakers. When the travel agency books guest travel the travel arranger profile is used to book the guest, following the arranger’s department coding for purposes of reporting and tracking travel expenses.

Travel Profile Instructions

Non-Employee Concur Access

If requesting temporary access for students or non-employees to book travel on Concur, contact TMS for authorization in advance of advising that person or persons to register for Concur. If the student or non-employee is authorized by TMS to have a temporary Concur account, an end date will need to be determined.

If a department is hosting a special event or conference and would like to provide access for attendees to book with Concur, contact TMS for alternative options we can provide that may be better tailored for your event. More detail will be needed to determine the best avenue for processing your request.

For more information, email us at or reach out to us on TEAMS.