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Domestic Travel Guidance

Domestic Travel follows protocols that were in place pre-COVID. If a traveler is impacted by COVID while traveling, they should be advised by their department on what to do next. Every situation can be unique so there is no one size fits all answer but TMS can provide guidance. Please reach out for help to navigate next steps if needed. COVID expenses related to quarantining must be approved by the department's CUBO. The CUBO approval should accompany the reimbursements and the funds used to cover these expenses should be local funds and not state funds.

International Travel Guidance

Employees are encouraged to carefully evaluate destinations as the pandemic is ongoing. For information on international travel protocol, visit the Texas Global Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources.

Protect Texas Together

Visit for the latest updates and guidance from the university, including information about vaccine distribution.


Q. Do I need approval to travel?

A. Domestic & International travel requires an RTA per the Handbook of Business Procedures. The additional approval requirements put into place at the beginning of the pandemic have been lifted. Review the protocols for international travel, as there are restricted regions that will require pre-approval. There is also a trip registration process required for all international travel.

Q. Are mandatory COVID tests a reimbursable expense?

A. Yes, if your COVID test is mandatory to enter or depart a country it is a reimbursable expense.

Q. If my trip is cancelled due to COVID, can I get reimbursed for the airfare?

A. Airfare should be purchased with Anthony Travel using the centrally billed credit card so that any cancelled tickets do not impact your personal finances. If purchasing on your own, the ticket is only reimbursable after it has been exchanged for a new trip to replace the previously cancelled trip.

Q. If I purchase travel insurance is it reimbursable?

A. No, travel insurance is not reimbursable.

Q. Does the On Call policy have coverages if my international trip is affected by COVID?

A. Yes, please educate yourself with On Call services by visiting the Texas Global page and reviewing #4 on this page.

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