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Welcome to Concur, the UT Austin online travel reservation system.

Registration is required before first use - Requirements are detailed below at Concur Registration.

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Anthony Travel is the selected agency providing ticketing, training and help with the Concur system. There are many benefits to booking through the Concur online booking tool, including:

  • Concur provides an online booking tool that allows travelers to research and book air, car and hotel reservations for a reduced transaction fee.
  • Concur features a mobile app for travel, receipts and reports.
  • Concur features a secure travel profile for travelers that automatically applies airline, car, or hotel memberships to reservations.
  • Travelers can delegate their travel arrangements to a support staff member to book on their behalf.
  • Concur also has vendor discounts ranging from mainstream airlines to car rentals and hotels.

Concur - Tutorial and Reference Documents

Concur Questions and Help

Concur Registration

Registrations accepted M-F, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. After hours registrations will be approved the first business day following registration.

  1. Register Your New Concur Account Here (all travelers will be prompted to create a password by email)
    • The first time you login to Concur, you should change your password. If you are not prompted to change your password after logging in for the first time:
      1. On the My Concur page, click the Profile link on the menu bar at the top of the screen.
      2. In the Other Settings menu on the left side of the page, click the Change Password link.
      3. Enter your new password and then click Save.
  2. Complete Your Profile
    • Before you use Concur to reserve travel, click the Profile link to review and update your profile. You must save your profile before you first attempt to book a trip in Concur.
    • Travel Arrangers: If you are a traveler and wish to set up a travel arranger to view your Profile information and make reservations for you, please follow the steps below:
      1. On the My Concur page, click Profile on the menu at the top of the page.
      2. On the Profile dropdown menu, click Personal Information.
      3. Click Assistants at the top of the page.
      4. Click Add an Assistant to search for your assistant's last name.
      5. In the Search Criteria field, enter the assistant's name.
      6. Click Search.
      7. Click the Assistant dropdown arrow.
      8. Select the appropriate name from the dropdown list.
      9. Select Can book travel for me.
      10. Select Is my primary assistant for travel.
      11. Click Save.
    • If you are a travel arranger, select the profile that you want to edit from the You Are Administering Travel For list on the My Concur page and then click Profile. Travelers must give travel arrangers permission to view their Profile by adding the travel arranger as an assistant in the traveler's Profile.
  3. Central Billing for Airfare
    • Once you are logged into Concur, select UT Austin Travelers from the drop down menu under Rule Class on the left side of the page to arrange business travel and centrally bill airfare.
    • Only airfare can be centrally billed via Concur.
    • A Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) , Document ID and Billing Account Number is required to centrally bill airfare.
    • Ticketing of centrally billed airfare requires the RTA in approved status
  4. Personal Credit Cards
    • To use a personal credit card to arrange business travel, select UT Business using Personal Credit Card from the drop down menu under Rule Class on the left side of the Concur Travel Home page.
    • A Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) document ID is required.
    • Ticketing available 24/7, as soon as an RTA document ID is entered.
    • Reimbursement occurs after trip completion.
    • Review Office of Accounting reimbursement policy.


Unused Tickets: If you would like to use an unused ticket on file, you will need to contact an Agent to process the exchange. Put the reservation in HOLD status and call Anthony Travel. Full-service fee is applied to process exchanges. 

Rental Car Central Bill: Visit the rental car page on the TMS site for options

Hotel Central Bill not offered on Concur.  Hotel/Lodging expenses must be submitted for reimbursement unless your department has arranged billing directly with your lodging facility.