Travel Agency Contacts

The university does not require but highly recommends that travelers book their travel through one of our contract travel agencies or our preferred online booking system, Concur.

Our contracted travel agencies provide many benefits to the university but also benefits to the travelers, including helping you navigate planning, 24-hour support, and assistance rebooking, canceling, or refunding flights.

Additional benefits include:

  • Help navigating rental car reservations, ensuring you use a UT contracted company with the proper insurance coverage and rates, protecting you from personal liability while also arranging for a direct bill with the university 
  • Assistance with trips that involve a business trip combined with personal travel and/or family members
  • Assistance with student group needs
  • For international travelers, our contracted agencies will automatically enroll you in the On Call International program in case of emergencies
  • Payment options to centrally bill airfare, car rentals & motor coach bookings
  • Airline discounts not offered on public travel sites
  • Chartered flight services

Anthony Travel (AT)

Requesting Assistance: You may request agency assistance by completing and submitting the AT Travel Request.

Contacting an Anthony Travel agent for assistance directly via phone, fax, or email:

  • Hours: 8:00am - 5:30pm Central, M-F
  • Phone (Toll Free): 1-800-684-2044
  • Austin Office Phone: 512-617-8444
  • Fax: 866-921-6242
  • After hours emergency service: 1-800-342-9008 / Access Code (VIT code) S4RRG
  • Email: or FORM submission

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UT Contracted Travel Agencies provide full-service support for air, car, train and hotel reservations, which include discounts with American Air, Delta, United, Southwest, Alaska Air and Japan Airlines. UT Contracted Agencies also provide 24-hour support for airline delays, schedule changes, and exchanging flights or other travel arrangements.

UT Concur Online Travel Tool

Login to Concur for online browsing and reservations.

Note: You must register before using the UT Austin Concur tool. Visit the Concur Online Booking Tool page to learn more.

Concur questions and help:

Concur provides an online booking tool that allows travelers to research and book air, car and hotel reservations for a reduced transaction fee. Concur features a mobile app for travel, receipts and reports. Concur features a secure travel profile for travelers that automatically applies airline, car, or hotel memberships to reservations. Travelers can delegate their travel arrangements to a support staff member to book on their behalf. Concur also has vendor discounts ranging from mainstream airlines to car rentals and hotels. 

Corporate Travel Planners (CTP)

Visit the Corporate Travel Planners (CTP) website

Requesting Assistance: You may request agency assistance by completing and submitting the CTP University of Texas Travel Request.

Contacting a Corporate Travel Planners agent for assistance directly via phone, fax, or email:

  • Hours: 8:00am - 5:00pm. Central, M-F
  • Phone (Toll Free): 866-366-1142  
  • San Antonio Office Phone: 210-366-9565
  • Fax: 210-366-9581
  • After hours emergency service: 1-800-441-6512 / please give Access Code (VIT code) S2P2A
  • Email:

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Contact TMS


Main Building (MAI), Room 121 West Mall Entrance; Room 105MA Inside Entrance
Mail Code C2800


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