Charter Ground Transportation

Anthony Travel offers ground transportation options that align with the insurance and policies governed by the UT System Policy UTS157.   The vetted and approved ground transportation options are managed by Renee Wells with Anthony Travel.

Renee Wells, Account Manager Transportation Services
Phone: 512-232-5115                Email:
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm CST
Online Request Form: AnthonyTravelRequest

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Anthony Travel Motor Coach Connection Program

The Anthony Travel Motor Coach Connection Program is a value-add service for the UT Austin community.  This service will properly source and confirm charter buses, shuttles, and chauffeured car services for local and out of town needs.  
UT Austin Department Benefits: 
  • Safe & reliable transportation options that meet UT requirements 
  • Expertise with transportation industry knowledge 
  • Guidance on best routes for on-campus service 
  • Direct billing options 
  • Ease of booking & payment 
  • Certificates of required insurance on file 
  • Department of Defense certification 
  • Department of Transportation compliance 
  • City of Austin required permits  
  • Equipment maintenance & inspection requirements  
  • On-site fleet inspection conducted by Anthony Travel 
  • Driver background checks 
* The United States Department of Transportation (DOT) has very stringent laws that must be followed including mandatory driver rest time between drives 
  • Pricing is dynamic, based on availability and subject to itinerary needs
  • Rates are based on when vehicle leaves the garage and returns to the garage
  • A very detailed itinerary is required to get the most accurate quote 
  • Demand is high so advance notice is needed to get reasonable pricing
How to Book 
  1. Email or fill out form with as much detail as possible to obtain a quote 
  2. Review quote and details for accuracy 
  3. Confirm the reservation with a billing account number  
  4. Receive confirmation details 

Scoping for international needs requires a minimum of 7-10 business days to obtain quotes. Scroll below for more information on International Ground Transportation.  

Form or Email Request Requirements: 
  • Contact information  
  • Trip Name 
  • Trip Details  
  • Information about the program 
  • Expectations of driver - stay with the trip or just point to point service 
  • Supply address information for all locations or stops 
  • Detailed timeline 
  • On-site contact information 

Direct Billing is arranged with Anthony Travel by supplying a departmental billing account number. After the trip, Renee will contact the department for feedback and enquire if the department would like to add a driver’s tip to the final bill. Tips are allowable for local funds only and up to 20 percent. The final invoice amount will be processed with an inter departmental transfer (IDT) to the billing account number that was provided.  

Anthony Travel Responsibilities 
  • Supply sourcing & pricing options  
  • Secure transportation reservations and supply confirmation 
  • Supply guidance and best practice tips 
  • Supply vendor contact information  
  • Outline vendor expectations & communication  
  • Offer post-trip communication for feedback & driver tip evaluation 
  • Supply final invoice & IDT billing account number 
  • Follow up with vendor on positive or negative feedback 
  • Supply reporting to Travel Management Services  
Department Responsibilities 
  • Supply a detailed itinerary to the best of your knowledge to obtain the best quote  
  • Review sourcing & pricing options and supply follow up questions if any 
  • Confirm the booking and understand that the quoted service is not guaranteed until confirmed  
  • Obtain necessary approvals and billing information to secure services 
  • Ensure that proper communication on trip updates is provided to the vendor  
  • Supply the most up to date itinerary within 5-7 days of trip to the vendor 
  • Reach out to vendor 24 hours prior for driver name and contact information 
  • Communicate clearly with the driver any expectations on trip and ensure the driver has the group leader’s contact information 
  • Understand that the final cost of trip is reflective of the actual service supplied which may not be the same itinerary provided at time of quote 
  • Supply feedback to Renee Wells (good and bad!) 

Local Alternate Options 

Due to limited availability, there may be times when a bus is not available. Consider using shuttles or pre-arranged multiple Lyft options as an alternative.  
Carter Transportation is a local woman-owned business operating SuperShuttle vans as well as private ExecuCar sedans. The option to direct bill is available when booking directly with Renee or with a departmental submission using the TMS direct bill form.  
Email for Group Booking:  
UT Discount Rate Codes: UTBT1 for UT Business reservations or UTAUS for UT Student & Guest reservations
 Click HERE for more information recently presented by Carter Transportation.                                     
Another creative choice is to reach out to a departmental Lyft program managed by Parking & Transportation Services. This partnership enables departments to work with Lyft to set up a unique transportation model for your program.  An example would be setting up a passcode to allow for multiple Lyft vehicles to transport your guests during scheduled times between locations. 
*The Lyft program is not managed by TMS.  Parking and Transportation have oversight of this program.  

International Ground Transportation Guidance

Quotes provided by Anthony Travel for international locations may be higher than a service recommended to a department from another source.  This is due to the umbrella of insurance requirements built into the Anthony Travel program to satisfy UT System requirements of Policy UTS157when chartering buses and per the Part 19. Risk Management section of the UT Austin Handbook of Business Procedures.  

TMS strongly encourages prioritizing safety over budget.  If you must find a lower cost international bus service on your own, please consider the following checklist when vetting the vendor. While it may not be possible to meet all the requirements, the intention is to select the best service with an emphasis on safety and to consider what vendor will be the least amount of risk for your group and for the university. Reach out to UT Austin Risk Management to ensure you are following proper protocol. 

To confirm service, a contract will be required. Please work with your internal Business Office on the details and they will process the agreement with the Business Contracts Office.   

International Vendor Vetting Checklist: 
Driver Information 
  • What are the qualifications for hired drivers? 
  • Have drivers been background checked? 
  • What training opportunities are offered to drivers? 
  • Are there any language barriers to consider with the assigned driver? 
  • What is the average yearly experience of their drivers? 
  • What is the region/countries required laws for driver rest time? 
  • Will you be placed with a local driver for your itinerary? 
  • Will you need to provide a room or meals for the driver? 
Equipment Information 
  • What is the average age of the fleet?  
  • How often do they service their vehicles? 
  • Do they offer roadside assistance? 
  • What is the contingency plan if the vehicle breaks down? 
  • What amenities are offered with their fleet and is it applicable to all the fleet or just specific vehicles? 
Insurance Information  
  • UT asks for a certificate of insurance endorsing the Board of Regents of The University of Texas System and The University of Texas at Austin as additional insured for liability. Will they provide this? 
  • What regional permits are required to operate, and do they have all the required permits? 
  • What types of insurance coverages do they carry, and does it meet their country requirements? 
  • Do they carry workman’s compensation coverages? 
  • Do they allow sub-contractors? If so, do they require sub-contractors to carry the same level of insurance they operate with? 
 Risk Assessment 
  • Was this vendor recommended by a reputable source? If so, have they used the service and how long ago was the use? 
  • Are they responsive to your enquiries? 
  • Are they a broker service or the actual vendor with their own fleet? 
  • Do they offer a point of contact during the time frame of your on the road itinerary to call upon for assistance? 
  • How long have they been in business under the current name advertised? 
  • Are they listed as a member of the Global Passenger Network?  
Payment Information 
  • What type of payment do they accept? 
  • Do they require a deposit or payment in full at time of booking? 
  • How are tips managed? 
  • What details are included in the quote and what can you anticipate as additional expenses that may occur that you may not be aware of due to region/country methods of business? 


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