Ground Transportation FAQs


What’s the best way to book a motor coach?

Submit this request form  located on the TMS website. Contact Renee Wells for more information:

512-232-5115 or email


Do I need an RTA to book charter bus transportation?

No, an RTA is not required.  However, a billing account is required.


Is an OOEF required for ground transportation?

 You may need an Official Occasion form if you are procuring a bus for a reception, luncheon, dinner or similar event that is sponsored and funded by The University of Texas at Austin.  These types of functions are normally associated with special programs, university guests, faculty, and staff recruitment. 


How are the toll fees handled?

Group is responsible for any parking and toll fees if applicable. These fees are added to the final invoice post trip.


Are there liability considerations when transporting minors to and from campus for a field trip?

Yes, UT has a legal obligation to ensure the safety of minors while participating in sponsored university programs. For more information, please contact the Youth Protection Program at 512-471-0594 or email  


Are social distancing guidelines still required for charter bus transportation?

There are no social distancing guidelines in effect with the UT vendors offering charter bus transportation.


Anthony Travel wasn’t able to find a bus for my group but I found a broker on a website that says they have availability.  Can I book it? 

Only the approved vendors are utilized by Anthony Travel. However, if you elect to book a bus outside of our program, you will need to follow the campus Purchasing process and work directly with your chosen vendor. How to Procure a Bus 


The charter ground transportation wants a full itinerary 7 days before the trip and I am not sure of all the details.  Why can’t I provide the details on the day of the trip?

The itinerary is needed in advance so that the vendor can assign drivers based on the full account of business activities that are occurring during your program.  If you are unsure of all the details, communicate that to the vendor but put a detailed itinerary together to the best of your knowledge.  If the itinerary changes significantly on the day of trip, the costs associated will change and the trip could be impacted if the driver has another assignment based on the original schedule provided.


Can I tip the driver?

A good rule of thumb is $1.00-$1.75 per-person, per-bus, per-day based on the service level provided after your trip. This may be added to your final invoice; however, you must notify Anthony Travel prior to invoicing after the trip is complete. Keep in mind that tips and gratuities are not reimbursable on State accounts.


Am I allowed to use a car service instead of a taxi, Lyft, Uber or a car rental?

Yes, however the transportation method must be the lowest transportation available considering all relevant circumstances.  Tips may not be reimbursed using state accounts but they are reimbursed for local accounts up to 20 percent.


How do I pay for a charter bus rental?

Anthony Travel allows a direct bill option. The billing account number is required along with your CSU (College, School or Unit) and department name.


Are there special requirements for 12-15 Passenger Vans?

12 and 15 passenger vans may not be rented without approval due to the System-Wide Policy Number UTS157.  To be authorized to drive 12 and 15 passenger vans, learn more about required training.


Can I centrally bill a Vonlane (or other bus service) ticket? How can I book this service?

No, the option to central bill Vonlane or any other public point of sale bus service does not exist. You can book       Vonlane directly on their website and create your own login for future bookings and to maintain your payment     on file.


How long will there be a driver shortage? I can’t seem to find availability for our event and I’m not sure what to do.

We do not know how long the current driver shortage will last but this is a nation-wide problem. Therefore, we recommend planning ahead and booking your bus as early as possible. If you are having difficulty finding availability for your event, please contact TMS, and we will make every effort to assist you.


Current considerations to understand the ground transportation climate:

  • The number of active motor coach companies in the U.S. is half of what it was pre-pandemic
  • Many other uses for motor coaches have come into play affecting inventory and driver availability. Examples:
    • School Districts sourcing bus vendors for weekly school routes and weekend activities
    • Greyhound is outsourcing services with a few of the UT preferred vendors
    • Government use of UT preferred vendors has been sourced to move immigrants from the U.S. border to other locations
    • Athletic team travel utilizes high demand weekend usage and depending on the sport can utilize multiple buses at a time