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Mixing Business Travel and Personal Travel

Is it ever okay to mix business travel and personal travel?

You are allowed to mix business travel and personal travel as long as you meet the following requirements:

What information should I include in the justification on the reimbursement voucher?

When writing up a justification for mixing business travel and personal travel, you should include a comparison of airfares and an itemized list of savings and/or personal charges owed to your department. An example of a business/personal travel would be as follows:

Airfare Comparison Example: Authorized destination is Washington D.C. and there is a personal stopover in Philadelphia

  1. Austin — Washington, D.C. roundtrip ticket issued as the State of Texas contract airfare of $450
  2. Austin — Washington, D.C. / Washington, D.C. – Philadelphia (personal stopover) / Philadelphia – Austin roundtrip airfare is $475

*Authorized destination ticket cost of $450 minus $475 leaves personal charges due to the department of $25