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Who is allowed to purchase first/business-class airfare?

The standard rule is that all airfare purchases must be economy class, but there are a few exceptions — if you think you qualify for an exception, you must get advanced approval before purchasing first/business class airfare.

How do I get approval to purchase first/business-class airfare or seating upgrades?

You must get advanced approval from Travel Management Services for the purchase of first/business-class airfare or seating upgrades. Seek approval as far in advance as possible before you plan to purchase airfare, and keep in mind that it may take up to a week to process your request. Complete and submit a First/Business Class Airfare or Seating Upgrade Purchase Request.

What’s the Fly America Act?

The Fly America Act is a federal regulation that requires the use of U.S. carriers for travel that will be reimbursed from federal grants and contracts. Each department is responsible for reviewing any federal contract or grant to determine if the Fly America Act is required. Read more about the Fly America Act and a recent update called the Open Skies Agreement.

How can I take advantage of the university’s discounted airport parking?

You can get discounted parking and other benefits when you park at Airport Fast Park in Austin and show your Frequent Flyer Park Card when leaving the lot. To get this card, complete the quick Frequent Flyer Park Card application on the Airport Fast Park website. For more information, see the discounted airport parking page on this site.

The Parking Spot also offers UT Austin employees discount parking rates at Austin/Bergstrom and additional airports across Texas. To join this program, complete the Club Exec Card application on the UT Parking Spot website.

Where can I find the latest rules about carry-on luggage?

You can learn about carry-on rules and airport safety on the Transportation and Security Administration website.

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