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Travel Authorizations

Who are the university experts on rules relating to UT travel authorizations?

Contact the Office of Accounting Travel Services for advice and instruction on properly completing travel authorizations.

Who needs to complete an RTA?

You’ll need to complete a Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) for almost any kind of university business travel. The University of Texas policy states that all employees, prospective employees, and students receiving reimbursement for airfare and other eligible expenses while traveling on university business are required to complete an RTA prior to departure. Departments may also complete an RTA for non-employees who are being reimbursed for travel expenses only. See the travel authorizations section of this website for more information about completing and submitting RTAs.

When should I complete an RTA?

You should complete a RTA as soon as possible when planning travel. Always complete an RTA before departure.

Do I really need to get my RTA approved?

Approved status is required on an RTA before reimbursement or payment of trip expenses may be made. Approval serves as written permission to reimburse the traveler or pay centrally billed items on your behalf via electronic transfers from department accounts.

Do I need to provide an RTA to my travel agency?

Yes, you must give an approved Request for Travel Authorization (RTA/VE5) document ID number to your travel agency before any tickets are issued. The travel agency will review the RTA for the following: traveler’s name, dates of travel, authorized destination city(s), UT department account number, and complete electronic approval. If any of this information does not comply with the travel rules, the travel agency will ask you to correct the RTA prior to ticket issuance.

Who needs to complete an APS form?

Departments should complete an Authorization for Professional Services (APS) form for all non-employees traveling to the university for the purpose of providing compensated services.

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