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Diners Club Travel Credit Card

The Diners Club Corporate Credit Card is designed for employees traveling on university business. The card helps employees manage their travel purchases and expenditures, and it is the perfect card for individuals who frequently take business trips. Read the below information about the card, how to apply, card benefits, travel insurance for cardholders, and payments.

About the Card

How to Apply

Benefits of the Diners Club Card

Global Acceptance — Diners Club now partners with MasterCard, offering acceptance at more than 24 million locations.

No Fees — No annual fees and no preset credit limits.

Club Rewards (optional) — Cardholders can enroll in Club Rewards to earn points for eligible charges to their Diners Club Cards and can redeem them for hundreds of exciting options, including frequent flyer miles on a choice of major airlines, custom travel, brand-name merchandise and more. An annual fee applies.

Account Protection — When cardholders dispute a charge on an account, the balance is promptly credited for the disputed charges during the investigation. They pay nothing on this balance until Diners Club completes the investigation. Also, if cardholders notify Diners Club that a card is lost or stolen, cardholders only pay for the first $50 of unauthorized charges.

ATM Cash Access (optional) — Diners Club’s Club Cash program allows enrolled cardholders cash access at more than 900,000 Cirrus ATMs worldwide. This can come in handy for unexpected expenses, incidentals and/or emergencies, and is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Any decision to obtain a PIN and utilize this service is solely that of the cardholder. Resulting cash advance fees and/or foreign currency delivery charges are non-reimbursable.

Club Assistance — Club Assistance offers emergency medical, legal and travel referrals 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Cardholders can replace passports, airline tickets or cards; find doctors and pharmacies; arrange medical transportation; and access travel and health advisories. Note: UT System also offers university travelers a comprehensive concierge style program that can also help with many of these same issues and more. For more information, see International Travel Assistance.

e-Account Manager — You can log in to view new transactions since your last statement, see statements from the past 12 months, pay your bills online and sign up for free email alerts.

Flight Coverage Plus (optional) — Obtain supplemental travel accident insurance for extra security and peace of mind, including door-to-door travel coverage. Purchase of this supplemental coverage is solely the decision of the individual cardholder and is a non-reimbursable expense.

Value-Added Tax Reclaim — Diners Club can help cardholders reclaim the Value Added Tax (VAT) paid on purchases in the European Union. They’ll help determine which expenses are eligible and process the necessary paperwork. From the United States call 1-800-306-6068, or call collect at 353-666-1772 if you are outside of the United States.

Up to 60 Days to Pay — Diners Club gives corporate cardholders up to two full billing periods to pay bills without incurring late charges. Cardholders pay no penalties if the entire account balance is paid within two billing periods (55-62 days). This extra time to pay becomes especially valuable during extended trips.

Travel Insurance for Cardholders

Be sure to use the Diners Club Card for all travel-related charges, and as a cardholder you’ll automatically receive the following extensive package of comprehensive travel insurance.

Payment Information