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Travel Authorizations

You must complete certain authorization procedures in order to get reimbursed for university-related business travel. Depending on the situation, you’ll need to complete one of the following during the early stages of the travel-planning process.

Request for Travel Authorization (RTA)

When to complete an RTA: for all employee, prospective employee, and student travel

Completing a Request for Travel Authorization (RTA) is the first thing you should do when you start planning a trip for employees, prospective employees, or students using a centrally billed airfare or requesting reimbursement for travel on university business. Note: Your department should also complete an RTA for non-employees who are being reimbursed for travel expenses only and are not being compensated in any other way.

Complete the following:

Authorization for Professional Services (APS)

When to complete an APS: for all non-employees traveling to the university to perform compensated services

Departments must complete an APS form for all non-employees traveling to the university for the purpose of providing compensated services (such as, honorarium or independent contractor services). The APS form is an acceptable form of travel authorization in lieu of a RTA when a department is arranging travel to be centrally billed.

Letter of Authorization

When to write a Letter of Authorization: if you need to authorize centrally billed student travel and cannot complete a VE5/RTA

You may use a departmental letter or memo to authorize centrally billed student travel on behalf of the university. Print the document on letterhead and address it to the Office of Accounting. The letter should contain the following information (the same information you would give on a VE5/RTA):

Contact Office of Accounting experts on rules relating to all types of travel authorizations.